Interiors & Exteriors of The SUV

  • Inspiring and Stable Stance
    • Wide Stable Stance

      Wide stance gives it a dominating road presence

      Wide front and rear track

      Wide track-width adds to high stability while turning

  • New Generation Styling - Exterior
    • Black accentuated stylish exteriors.

      Designer Decals.

      Sporty grill.

      New Headlight Design.

      Large clear rear lamps cluster.

      Roof mounted antenna.

      Distinguishes the Sumo Gold and establishes the fresh design adding to the style quotient

      New door pull handle

      Spare wheel below cabin

      Clean back without spare wheel

      Adds to the style quotient & also adds safety by aiding rear visibility & underbody protection

  • Refreshed Interiors
    • Wood finish center console

      New high grade fabric with new design

      Dual AC cooling

      USB & Bluetooth stereo system

      Black & linen interior color scheme

      Stylized instrument cluster with chrome ring

      Sporty gear knob

      New facia switches

      Plush interiors add to elegance inside cabin