SUV Engine Performance

Greater power & torque. Smooth power delivery. Quick acceleration & yet fuel efficient.

  • Powerful Engine Options
    • New Gold CR4– BS4

      2956 cc

      85Ps @ 3000 rpm

      250Nm @ 1000 to 2000 rpm

      Common-railed turbo charged and intercooled BS-IV Compliant.

      Best in class power for enhanced driving pleasure

      Best in class torque for excellent pulling power and reduced gear shifts

  • Best in class acceleration
    • Gold CR4 – BS4

      60 km/h - 9.3 sec

      0-100 km/h - 27. 6 seconds

      Excellent pick up results in enhanced driving pleasure and drivability in city traffic conditions.

  • Double Wishbone Suspension
    • Advanced & sophisticated suspension system

      Adjustable camber and toe

      Adds to superior driving dynamics and reduces tyre wear

  • Anti-Roll bar
    • Reduces body roll and provides excellent stability even at high speeds

  • High Performance Clutch
    • 260 mm diameter clutch with long life